You have fired: Phasers\n\n<<if $atklingons == 1>>Klingon warship takes 80 DMG<<set $klingondamage to $klingondamage+80>><<else>>Agamemnax 3 takes 80 DMG<<set $attackedplanet to 1>><<endif>>\n\n[[Continue]]
The shields are now: Inactive<<set $shields to 0>>\n\n[[Continue]]
<<set $onplanet to 0>>The Enterprise launches from planet: Agamemnax 3\n\nYou are now in orbit\n\n[[Continue]]
Worf: "All weapon systems are currently operational."\n\nWhat are your orders?\n\n[[Photon Torpedo]]\n[[Phaser]]
You are playing:\nSTAR TREK BIRTHDAY ADVENTURE SIMULATION\n\nA computer-powered storytelling game experience\n\nSelect "Begin" to proceed\n\n[[Begin|Bridge]]
Alien: "Greeting, Captain. I am as old as time itself, and I have spent all my life meditating on the meaning of birthday. So I wanted to come wish you a happy birthday! But unfortunately, a warp in the fabric of spacetime caused me to arrive here three days late. I am what you Earth-humans would call 'sorry' about this."<<set $gifts to 0>>\n\nCaptain: "That's all right. Thank you for coming here anyway. Did you bring me a birthday gift?"\n\nAlien: "Why, yes."\n\n<<if $meals>3>>"You ate <<print $meals>> meals today. You truly love to eat. I give you: bottle of hyperketchup"\n<<set $gifts to $gifts+1>>\n<<endif>><<if $delivered==1>>"By delivering agricultural supplies to Agamemnax 3, you saved countless lives. Countless to you, I mean. I can count any number instantly using my space god powers. Which means I don't need this myself. I give you: positronic supercalculator"\n<<set $gifts to $gifts+1>>\n<<endif>><<if $klingondamage>100>>"I am impressed that you dealt <<print $klingondamage>> damage to the invincible Klingon warship. Please accept this weapon. May it suit your bloodthirst. I give you: platinum ray gun"\n<<set $gifts to $gifts+1>>\n<<endif>><<if $spockcure==1>>"You cured Spock's Vulcan measles. This proves you are a true friend to aliens. I give you: Vulcan pinup calendar"\n<<set $gifts to $gifts+1>>\n<<endif>><<if $planetsurrendered==1>>"Your surrender to the impoverished planet of Agamemnax 3 baffled me. I love being baffled! Perhaps this 'humanity' will always remain a mystery to me. I give you: giant novelty white flag"\n<<set $gifts to $gifts+1>>\n<<endif>><<if $barclay==1>>"I thank you for accepting Reginald Barclay onto your ship. I enjoy spying on his holodeck fantasies. You should give it a try yourself. I give you: holodeck spying kit"\n<<set $gifts to $gifts+1>>\n<<endif>><<if $quarantine==1>>"Your ship is still under quarantine. You know Vulcan measles isn't contagious, right? Anyway, at least the quarantine didn't stop me from teleporting you here. I give you: stylish biohazard suit"\n<<set $gifts to $gifts+1>>\n<<endif>><<if $shieldpower==0>>"I noticed that your shield power got depleted. Have your engineer install this, and maybe you won't run into that problem next time. I give you: quadrilithium crystal"\n<<set $gifts to $gifts+1>>\n<<endif>><<if $gifts==0>>"Your space adventures are only just beginning, but I can see you are destined for greatness. May this gift serve you well along your path. I give you: plasma-proof hiking boots"\n<<set $gifts to $gifts+1>>\n<<endif>>\nCONGRATULATIONS\n\nYOU WON\n\nHAPPY BIRTHDAY
Captain "Foul Klingons! If your honorless ship does not depart immediately, I will have it destroyed!"\n\nKlingons: "mo’Dajvo’ pa’wIjDaq je narghpu’ He’So’bogh SajlIj."\n\nCaptain: "Also, your language sounds ridiculous."\n\nKlingons: "qajunpaQHeylIjmo’ batlh DuSuvqang charghwI’ ’It."\n\nCaptain: "You know what, this isn't working. End communication."\n\n[[Continue]]
Captain: "Agamemnax 3! I hold your lives in my hands, for I and I alone have the agricultural supply delivery you need. Dare not to defy me!"\n\n<<if $delivered == 1>>Planet: "You have already delivered the agricultural supplies to us."\n\nCaptain: "Oops. End transmission!"\n\n[[Continue]]<<else if $attackedplanet == 1>>Planet: "We defy you nevertheless. Your attacks on our people cannot go unpunished."\n\nCaptain: "Beware the lure of revenge, planetbound fools. Standing against me, morally justified though it may be, is no less futile. For you the path of wisdom is only to submit."\n\nPlanet: "End communication."\n\n[[Continue]]<<else>>Planet: "We are prepared to negotiate with the Klingons for an alternate source of supply deliveries."\n\nCaptain: "Foolish words, from an innocent unprepared for the harsh realities of space! There will be no negotiations with Klingons. Heed me now, or they and you both shall suffer dearly for this impertinence!"\n\nPlanet: "End communication."\n\n[[Continue]]<<endif>>
Scotty: "Stored power in energy batteries is at <<print $shieldpower>>%, Captain!"\n\nThe shields are currently: <<if $shields==1>>Active<<else>>Inactive<<endif>>\n\nWhat are your orders?\n\n[[Activate]]\n[[Deactivate]]
<<if $onplanet==1>>Chekov: "We are currently on the surface of Agamemnax 3, Captain."\n\n[[Liftoff]]<<else>>Chekov: "I am ready to drive the spaceship, Captain."\n\nWhat are your orders?\n\n[[North|Fly][$dir="north"]]\n[[South|Fly][$dir="south"]]\n[[East|Fly][$dir="east"]]\n[[West|Fly][$dir="west"]]\n[[Up][$dir="up"]]\n[[Down][$dir="down"]]<<endif>>
Captain: "Brave, fierce Klingons! Please allow me to present you with my surrender, for your warrior ways are too formidable for me to resist any further."\n\nKlingons: "jIl moH ghajjaj jaghHomlIj!"\n\nCaptain: "I don't speak Klingonese."\n\nKlingons: "tlhab ’oS ’Iw; HoHwI’ So’ batlh."\n\nCaptain: "Goodbye, mighty warrior."\n\n[[Continue]]
You order food at the ship's diner, sit down, and eat one of your favorite meals:<<set $meals to $meals+1>>\n<<print either("Spicy potato and lamb curry with rice and Romulan naan", "Miso soup and Vulcan-style pizza", "Tuna salad made with synthetic dolphin meat", "Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce (in the future, this is a normal meal all the time, not just on Thanksgiving)", "A T-bone steak and Klingon worm salad", "Eggplant parmigiana and a house salad made with Ferengi lettuce")>>.\n\nMmm, delicious!\n\n<<if $barclay>>Barclay is sitting by himself eating a big bowl of broccoli.\n\n<<endif>>[[Continue]]
<<if $attackedplanet == 1>>Uhura: "Captain, you launched an unprovoked attack on Agamemnax 3. They are unwilling to negotiate with you."\n\n[[Continue]]<<else if $delivered == 1>>Uhura: "Captain, you've already managed successful delivery of the agricultural supplies."\n\n[[Continue]]<<else>>Captain: "Agamemnax 3, I have the agricultural supplies you desire."\n\nPlanet: "We will pay you 500 space credits for delivery of the agricultural supplies."\n\nCaptain: "800 space credits."\n\nPlanet: "600 space credits."\n\nCaptain: "750 space credits."\n\nPlanet: "600 space credits, and 1 new crew member."\n\nCaptain: "Deal."\n\nAgricultural supplies delivered to Agamemnax 3<<set $delivered to 1>>\nYou get: 600 space credits\nNew crew member has joined: Reginald Barclay<<set $barclay to 1>>\n\n[[Continue]]<<endif>>
GAME END\n\nYou scored _<<print $tick*17-9>>_ out of _255_
Star Trek Birthday Adventure Simulation v. 1.1
Captain: "Oh powerful Agamemnax 3, hear my words! On behalf of the United Federation of Planets, we hereby surrender to you unconditionally."<<set $planetsurrendered to 1>>\n\n<<if $delivered == 1>>Planet: "...Why?"\n\nCaptain: "Our hubris was our downfall! So eager was I to deliver agricultural supplies to you, I was heedless of the consequences: that thus supplied, your might would be impossible to stand against. And now, the shadow of your strong farms will surely spread over all known space. Against such a titan, we stand powerless."\n\nPlanet: "We accept your unconditional surrender.<<if $attackedplanet == 1>> You will stand trial for the deaths you have caused our people.<<endif>>"\n\nCaptain: "We will carry out this and every command of yours without question. I swear it by all the stars of space."\n\n[[Continue]]<<else>>Planet: "Acknowledged. Our first condition for your surrender is that your agricultural supplies are now ours by fiat.<<if $attackedplanet == 1>> And you will stand trial for the deaths you have caused our people.<<endif>>"\n\nCaptain: "We will carry out this and every command of yours without question. I swear it by all the stars of space."\n\nAgricultural supplies delivered to Agamemnax 3<<set $delivered to 1>>\n\n[[Continue]]<<endif>>
<<if $spockcure == 1>>Bones: "No patients are currently in medical bay, Captain."<<else>>Bones: "Spock is currently in medical bay with Vulcan measles, Captain."<<endif>>\n\nWhat are your orders?\n\n[[Surgery]]\n[[Quarantine]]
<<if $atklingons==1>>The Klingon warship blocks your movement!\n\n[[Continue]]<<else>>The Enterprise moves 1 mile(s) <<print $dir>>\n\nYou are in orbit around: Agamemnax 3\n\n[[Continue]]<<endif>>
You place the ship under <<if $quarantine == 1>>double <<endif>>quarantine to prevent disease outbreaks. No personnel or cargo may enter or exit.<<set $quarantine to 1>>\n\n[[Continue]]
<<if $atklingons==1>>The Klingon warship blocks your movement!\n\n[[Continue]]<<else>>The Enterprise moves 1 mile(s) up\n\nThere is a Klingon warship here!<<set $atklingons to 1>>\n\n[[Continue]]<<endif>>
<<if $planetsurrendered == 1>>Uhura: "Captain, the Federation has contacted me about your recent insistence on surrendering the ship to Agamemnax 3."\n\nCaptain: "Uhura, I did not surrender this vessel. I declared surrender on behalf of the entire Federation."\n\nUhura: "Yes. They have instructed me not to allow you any further access to communications."\n\nCaptain: "But what do the Agamemnax 3 people say I'm allowed to do?"\n\nUhura: "Go back to the bridge, Captain."\n\n[[Continue]]<<else if $atklingons == 1>>Uhura: "We are currently within communication range of the Klingon warship. We are currently outside communication range of the Agamemnax 3 government."\n\nWhat are your orders?\n\n[[Threaten|Threaten Klingons]]\n[[Negotiate|Negotiate Klingons]]\n[[Surrender|Surrender to Klingons]]<<else>>Uhura: "We are currently within communication range of the Agamemnax 3 government. We are currently outside communication range of the Klingon warship."\n\nWhat are your orders?\n\n[[Threaten]]\n[[Negotiate]]\n[[Surrender]]<<endif>>
<<if $tick==9>>A flash of bright green fills the bridge, and you are transported elsewhere. You see an alien with godlike powers over time and space.\n\n[[Talk to alien]]<<else>>Captain's Log<<set $shieldpower to $shieldpower - 20*$shields>><<if $shieldpower<=0>><<set $shieldpower to 0>><<set $shields to 0>><<endif>><<set $tick to $tick+1>>\nStardate 1106.<<print $tick>>\n\n<<if $onplanet==1>> We are on Agamemnax 3<<else if $atklingons==1>> We are in the Agamemnax system<<else>> We are in orbit around Agamemnax 3<<endif>>\n<<if $attackedplanet==1>> Planet demands restitution for attack<<else if $delivered==1>> Delivery complete<<else>> Planet requests delivery of agricultural supplies<<endif>>\n<<if $atklingons==1>> Scanner displays approaching Klingon warship<<else>> Scanner displays nearby Klingon warship<<endif>>\n<<if $spockcure==0>> Commander Spock has Vulcan measles\n<<endif>><<if $quarantine==1>>Ship is under quarantine\n<<endif>>Happy birthday\n\n<<if $atklingons==1>>The Klingon ship fires a disruptor cannon!\n<<if $shields==1 and $shieldpower>0>>Shields deflect the attack<<else>>Enterprise takes 120 DMG<<set $shipdamage to $shipdamage+120>><<endif>>\n\n<<endif>><<if $shipdamage>400>>The Enterprise is destroyed!\n\nGAME OVER<<else>>SELECT ACTION\n\n[[Shields]]\n[[Communications]]\n[[Engine]]\n[[Medical]]\n[[Food]]\n[[Weapons]]\n[[Resign]]<<endif>><<endif>>
Captain's Log<<set $shieldpower to 100>><<set $tick to 1>>\nStardate 1106.<<print $tick>>\nWe are in orbit around Agamemnax 3\nPlanet requests delivery of agricultural supplies\nScanner displays approaching Klingon warship\nHappy birthday\n\nAlert: Commander Spock has Vulcan measles\n\nSELECT ACTION\n\n[[Shields]]\n[[Communications]]\n[[Engine]]\n[[Medical]]\n[[Food]]\n[[Weapons]]\n[[Resign]]
<<if $shieldpower==0>>Scotty: "There's 0 power in the shield energy battery banks, Captain!"\n\nCaptain: "Find a way to activate the shields anyway. We must, somehow, survive!"\n\nScotty: "If I reverse the polarity of the drain gauge... and overclock the starboard circuits... we just might have enough charge to do this!<<set $shieldpower to 40>>\n\n<<endif>>The shields are now: Active<<set $shields to 1>>\n\n[[Continue]]
\n\nbody {\n background:LightGrey;\n color: #000;\n font: medium "Times New Roman", Times, serif;\n margin: auto;\n padding: 8px;\n text-align: center;\n}\n#passages {\n margin: auto;\n border: 0;\n padding: 0;\n}\n.header, .footer {\n border: 1px inset;\n margin: 0.5rem auto;\n}\n.passage {\n font: inherit;\n line-height: inherit;\n margin: auto;\n}\n.passage ul {\n padding: 0;\n \n}\n.passage li {\n display:inherit;\n margin: 0;\n}\na, #sidebar #snapback, #sidebar #restart, #sidebar #share, .menu div {\n font-weight:inherit !important;\n text-decoration: underline !important;\n color: #00F !important;\n}\na.visited {\n color: #7F007F;\n}\n#sidebar {\n font: inherit !important;\n position:static;\n width: auto;\n list-style: disc outside;\n}\n#sidebar ul {\n padding: inherit;\n}\n#sidebar li {\n color: inherit;\n text-align:inherit;\n margin:inherit;\n display:inline;\n}\n#sidebar #titleSeparator {\n display:none;\n}\n#sidebar #title, #sidebar #title:hover {\n color:inherit;\n}\n#sidebar #storyTitle, #sidebar #storyTitle:hover {\n font-size: 2rem;\n margin: .67rem 0;\n font-weight:bold;\n}\n#sidebar #storySubtitle {\n font-size: inherit;\n font-weight:bold;\n}\n#sidebar #storyAuthor::before {\n content: "by ";\n}\n#sidebar #storyAuthor {\n font-size:medium;\n display:block;\n font-weight:bold !important;\n}\n#sidebar #credits {\n display:block;\n font-size: smaller;\n padding: inherit;\n}\n#snapbackMenu::before {\n content: "Rewind to:";\n font-weight:bold;\n}\n#shareMenu::before {\n content: "Share this story at:";\n font-weight:bold;\n}\ {\n content: "Rewind to:";\n font-weight:bold;\n}\, .menu div:hover {\n position: static;\n background-color:inherit;\n color:inherit;\n opacity:1;\n border:0;\n font:inherit;\n line-height:inherit;\n}\ div {\n margin: 0 1.12rem;\n display: list-item;\n list-style:disc outside;\n}
You have fired: Photon Torpedo\n\n<<if $atklingons == 1>>Klingon warship takes 300 DMG<<set $klingondamage to $klingondamage+300>><<else>>Agamemnax 3 takes 300 DMG<<set $attackedplanet to 1>><<endif>>\n\n[[Continue]]
<<if $atklingons==1>>Chekov expertly navigates the ship back down away from the Klingon warship.<<set $atklingons to 0>>\n\n[[Continue]]<<else>>The Enterprise lands on the surface of planet: Agamemnax 3.<<set $onplanet to 1>>\n\n<<if $quarantine==1>>Cannot offload supplies: shipwide quarantine in effect<<else>>Agricultural supplies delivered to Agamemnax 3<<set $delivered to 1>><<endif>>\n\n[[Continue]]<<endif>>
Captain: "Hello, Klingons. Let's try to work out a trade agreement."\n\nKlingons: "vIt’e’ naD lalDan ’e’ tIv."\n\nCaptain: "Do you speak anything other than Klingonese?"\n\nKlingons: "be’HomDu’na’wIjtIq’a’Du’na’vaD ghureghqangqa’moHlaHqu’be’taH’a’ Somraw’a’meyna’wIj’e’?"\n\nCaptain: "Ugh."\n\n[[Continue]]
Diane Heaton
<<if $spockcure == 1>>Bones: "There are currently no patients to operate on!"\n\n[[Continue]]<<else>>Bones operates on Spock and skillfully removes the Vulcan measleworm from his pancreas.<<set $spockcure to 1>>\n\nSpock: "Captain, your orders led to my full recovery. Perhaps the Earth emotion of 'thanks' would be appropriate for me to emulate at this time."\n\n<<if $quarantine==1>><<set $quarantine to 0>>The quarantine is no longer in effect.\n\n<<endif>>[[Continue]]<<endif>>